Building and Construction Permits

Building Permits

Applications for Building Permits can be picked up at the Village Office.  Building Permits are needed for building a New Home, Unattached Garage or Shed, Fences, Swimming Pools, adding a Deck, etc.  No permits are needed for roofing, siding or windows.

Cost of Building Permits: Minimum – $25 for a project up to $12, 500. There is a $2 per $1000 fee for any cost after $12,500 up to the Maximum cost of $250, for the permit. (EX: Garage cost of $25,500=Permit fee would cost you $51)

New Home Regulations: Height: No building shall exceed two and one-half (2 1/2) stories nor shall it exceed thirty five feet (35′) in height.  Front Yard should have a depth of not less than twenty five feet (25′) plus overhang. Where lots have a double frontage, the required front yard shall be provided on both streets. Sideyard setback is six foot (6′) plus overhang

Unattached Garage or Shed: Shall not exceed one story or twenty feet  (20′) in height. Sideyard setback is five foot (5′) plus overhang.  Size cannot exceed 900 sq. ft. Structure cannot be closer than ten foot (10′) from another building or structure.

Fence and Wall: Includes any barrier structure, wall of posts, rails, gates and any masonry, plastic, stone, chain link, wire mesh and any other materials, placed or used in whole or in part as a boundary or as an ornamental feature or as means of protection, security, screening, privacy or confinement, or otherwise serving the functions commonly ascribed to a fence or wall, but shall not include any wall constructed timbers, masonry or other materials for the principal purpose of maintaining a terrace or controlling erosion; or any natural growing hedge, shrub or other plant life.

Swimming Pools: A receptacle for water or an artificial pool of water having depth at any point of more than three feet (3′) intended for the purpose of immersion or partial immersion therein of human beings, and including all appurtenant equipment, constructed, installed and maintained either above the ground or in the ground outside of the building used for a single family dwelling unit.  Provided, further, that such private residential swimming pool is maintained by an individual primarily for the sole use of his household and guests and not for the purpose of profit or in connection with any business operated for profit.  A private residential swimming pool may be wholly in ground and partly above ground, and this is not meant as a mere recital buy in further definition of a regulated pool and shall include, but not be limited to, a hot tub, a jacuzzi, outside spa and the like.

Swimming Pool Fence: Swimming pools require a fence five foot (5′) to six foot (6′) high with a lockable self closing gate.  It must be located at least six foot (6′) from the property line.