Zoning Board of Appeals

Building Inspector: Tod McCullough

Member Names

  • Jason Neels
  • Michelle Blackmer
  • Matt Newton
  • Eamonn Cox
  • Troy VanDeWostine
  • Mike Murphy
  • Curt Bartels

Zoning Meeting Schedule 2023

Permit Due: December 21th, 2pm
Publish: January 4th
Meeting:  January 19th, 7pm

Permit Due: January 26th, 2pm
Publish: February 1st
Meeting: February 16th, 7pm

Permit Due: February 23rd, 2pm
Publish: March 1st
Meeting: March 16th, 7pm

Permit Due: March 23rd, 2pm
Publish: April 5th
Meeting: April 20th, 7pm

Permit Due: April 27th, 2pm
Publish: May 3rd
Meeting: May 18th, 7pm

Permit Due: May 25th, 2pm
Publish: May 31st
Meeting: June 15th, 7pm

Permit Due: June 29th, 2pm
Publish: July 5th
Meeting: July 20th 7pm

Permit Due: July 27th, 2pm
Publish: August 2nd
Meeting: August 17th, 7pm

Permit Due: August 31st, 2pm
Publish: September 6th
Meeting: September 21st, 7pm

Permit Due: September 28th
Publish: October 4th
Meeting: October 19th, 7pm

Permit Due: October 26th, 2pm
Publish: November 1st
Meeting: November 16th

Permit Due: November 30th, 2pm
Publish: December 6th
Meeting: December 21st, 7pm

Charge for Zoning Application Publishing is $55.00 + Bldg. Permit Fee.  All Building Permit Applications requiring a variance must be submitted to Village of Erie Office by the Due Dates and Time stated above.  Payment Due with Application.

All Zoning Meetings begin at 7:00pm, at the Village Office.  Board Members will be notified by email with copies of variance requests.  No Email = No Meeting